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Our work together

Your past does not define you. Whether you have lost yourself, maybe never knew yourself, or had a painful and hurtful experience, it’s never too late to put in the work of healing. You’re worthy of it.

Cynthia Dimon mental health therapist who I work with

Who I work with

I create a supportive and safe space for all women. Your identity, experiences, and personalized journey will always be honored in our work together, as each of these is essential to our mental well-being. In my practice, I welcome and work with women who share identities as BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and White allies. Your experiences and perceptions are essential parts of your healing journey. Women I work with have many identities, careers, and family constellations. 

My area of specialties includes trauma, anxiety, depression, challenges in relationships (family and intimate), and adjustment to major life changes.

Cynthia Dimon LCSW approach to therapy

My approach

With my person-centered approach, I’m a therapist who applies attachment-focused, interpersonal, CBT, and trauma-informed psychotherapies. And though that may sound very technical, at its core, I focus on you and help you learn everything you can about what’s driving your thoughts and behaviors and where it’s rooted and coming from (even parts you aren’t aware of) will be uncovered. Ultimately those answers will help you understand more about who you are, what you want, and how to build awareness and find the strength to heal. I developed my practice precisely to help clients push forward against the things holding us back and make real changes.

Compass to guide

What to expect

A holistic approach:  Therapy involves a variety of methods to help you heal and grow.  Therapy is not one size fits all, so using a holistic approach means that you'll get care in alignment with your needs.  

Quality support: I provide access therapy backed by years of real-world experience as a BIPOC woman and psychotherapy training.  I continue to engage in ongoing training to help increase the depth of understanding and creative tools to help you move forward.

A comprehensive plan:  You'll also have access to a plan and therapeutic tools relevant to the real world to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level.

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