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While living in an urban city is exciting, provides opportunities, and is a place where many people can come together in innovative ways, the city can also magnify stress, isolation, anxiety, and interpersonal issues.    To address some of the stressors that arise from living in the city, Cynthia's therapy sessions are individually tailored to client needs and experiences. 

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Individual therapy

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Digital therapy- teletherapy


Life Coaching
(Non therapy service)

Working together for you to live the life you want to live

Individual therapy is tailored to the unique needs of each client.  The intention is to help identify past and current issues creating barriers to living a fulfilling life.  Cynthia uses a combination of CBT (third wave), Mindfulness, and Psychotherapy to support clients in their healing journey.

Convenient and time-saving

Digital therapy (teletherapy) saves time and frustration with commuting and parking.  All that is needed is either a phone, tablet, or laptop, and a pair of ear phones.  This service is offered via an all in one confidential teletherapy platform that allows for scheduling appointments, completing forms, and secure messaging to Cynthia.   Digital therapy allows Cynthia to work with people throughout the state of California.

Self development

to help you motivate you in your life's purpose and desire

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