Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

What can I expect during an initial consultation?

Choosing the right therapist is an important decision.  The initial consultation is a 10-15 minute phone conversation for Cynthia to learn about what is impacting your life.  It is an opportunity for you to also ask Cynthia any questions about her practice and therapy styles.  This is the first step to potentially booking an initial appointment.

What will happen during the first session?

During the first session, Cynthia's intention is to obtain a better and more in depth understanding of what is happening in your life.  She will conduct  a clinical assessment, both structured and conversational.  During this session, Cynthia will work with you to identify what you would like to be different in your life.  She will also answer any questions you have about working together, and want to know about how to make therapy work for you.

Do I need to prepare for therapy?

It depends.  For some people, preparing for therapy is showing up to attempt deal with issues that are challenging in life.  For others, they may want to share work or strategies tried outside of therapy.  Every person is unique as is their healing process.  Cynthia will work with you to figure out what works for you.